Kuzbayev Arslan Aslanovich, 9 years
Cerebral palsy
Required amount
480 000 ₸
$ 1 125 ₽ 81 495 € 957
Collected amount
93 000 ₸
$ 218 ₽ 15 790 € 186

I want to tell you a little about how it all began ... The pregnancy was welcome, proceeding well, one might even say excellent. I have been working for all 9 months. When the daughter found out that she would have a brother, she was very happy, and Arslan's dad walked with me everywhere, watched on the ultrasound how our son was growing.

Arslan was the calmest child from the very beginning of his stay in the tummy! I didn't feel at all that I was pregnant. I just ate a lot.

I always dreamed of calling him myself and chose a name for a long time !! Arslan - translated as strong, was also born under the sign of Leo! The month of August has already begun, I am waiting for my angel.

This is how our story began. 08/02/2013 in the evening they were taken by ambulance to the hospital, with contractions. Upon arrival at the maternity hospital, I was examined by the doctor on duty, they told me to give birth in a couple of days, and they gave me a pill. I fell asleep. At 22:00 the contractions started stronger and I was sent to the maternity ward, three hours later I gave birth to my son 👶👼, we were examined by the doctors and said that everything was fine. Two hours later, we were transferred to the ward, and we fell asleep with our angel.

In August on the 5th we were discharged home! URA!!!! We're home! Everything was fine. Breastfeeding, taking well, only crying and pulling out. A month later, the doctors said that everything was fine. He constantly cried, froze, since I never encountered such a thing I never understood anything, this is my mistake.

When we were three months old, we went to Petropavlovsk for treatment. We passed a two-week treatment, received injections, passed video monitoring, the diagnosis was Epilepsy, the doctors said to be treated, everything will be fine for your baby! After the treatment, Arslan became better, in terms of sleeping, eating, playing, etc. it went to improve! So it took another 3 months, again physical therapy treatment, massage, injections, and we are diagnosed with cerebral palsy!!

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