Daurenbekuly Dauirzhan, 9 years
G80. 1 cerebral palsy, spastic diplegia, ZPMR.
Required amount
100 000 ₸
$ 216 ₽ 14 451 € 199
Collected amount
100 000 ₸
$ 216 ₽ 14 451 € 199

I, Ybraimova Aruzhan Galymbekkyzy, a mother of two children, appeal to you with a request for help vital to my son, a disabled child - Daurenbekuly Dauirzhan.

I gave birth to my beloved first child on November 6 in Almaty, the birth happened very early, prematurely, for 2 months my child was nursed in special "nests". The doctors reassured that everything would be fine, and I lived with this hope. But when the child was one year old, she began to notice frightening changes in appearance, facial expressions and movements. I think that you will understand me, my position, when I faced the fact - my child is terminally ill. At the age of 1.5, he was finally diagnosed with spastic diplygia. Not for a minute in my life did I stop fighting for the restoration of my son, but, as you understand, all my work simply supported the physical condition of my child.

My son Dәuіrzhana started talking at 3. He took classes with a speech therapist with pleasure, and today he has a great desire to speak, he is trying very hard, but the disease, of course, affects. At 3, he just started crawling, not walking. Understand my pain as a mother when I saw him trying to get up and go. But the disease did not give and does not give him the strength of his legs. Now he is 7 years old, but due to problems with the musculoskeletal system, mental problems, he can be described, cuddled. And this causes him mental suffering, because his intelligence is at the level of his age and, perhaps, even higher.

In order to raise my child, he needs an expensive massage, I am not able to pay him, since I do not work, I look after the child. The husband, frightened of difficulties, abandoned us. I am in a difficult financial situation. And your responsiveness will be a serious help to me and my child.

My son is a very courageous child, despite his age, he is ready to fight his illness. I ask you to help him with this. My pain, as a mother, is immeasurable, and I hope for your compassion and participation.

With respect and hope, the mother of Dauirzhan - Ybraimova A.Ғ.


2020 Year
Collected amount 100 000 ₸
In just a month 100 000 ₸
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  • 11.12.2020
    100 000 ₸
    To whom: Daurenbekuly Dauirzhan