Abzalkyzy Aknur, 14 years
Cerebral palsy, hyperkinetic form, severe severity.
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342 000 ₸
$ 736 ₽ 49 422 € 680

Abzalkyzy Aknur was born on February 24, 2009. Lives in the city of Kyzyl-Orda. She started to get sick from 6 months. We ended up in the intensive care unit of the OMC. Doctors could not make a diagnosis and took tests from the spinal cord. After taking tests from the spinal cord, the diagnosis was never made, and was sent to the city of Almaty to the Ansai neurological hospital. There we were diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

Aknur from infancy does not sleep at night, has fever, twitches, every other day we went to the hospital. In 2012, we applied for disability.

Aknur is now 11 years old. The child cannot sit on his own, she no longer jerks his head, he can only lie down, he understands the speech she has heard.


2020 Year
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