Yedigin Yakub, 7 years
Cerebral palsy, spastic diplegia, epilepsy, congenital cataract, partial atrophy of the optic nerve, delayed psycho-motor and speech development.
3 rehabilitation and treatment course
Required amount
140 000 000 ₸
$ 301 076 ₽ 20 231 214 € 278 347
1 rehabilitation course (collection completed)
2 rehabilitation and treatment course (collection completed)

My four year old son Yedigin Yakub suffers from cerebral palsy, Spastic diplegia, Epilepsy, Congenital cataract, Partial optic nerve atrophy. Delayed psycho-motor and speech development. Yakub was born at 40 weeks, weighing only 2762, with severe asphyxia, placed in the ORS, then was connected to invasive mechanical ventilation, was in intensive care for 14 days, could not breathe and eat on his own. Then he was transferred to acute renal failure, and was in the maternity hospital for 63 days, where the baby suffered atelectasis of the lungs, DN of the 3rd degree, cerebral ischemia, cerebral depression, intraventricular hemorrhage of the 2nd degree, pneumonia, blood transfusion, convulsions, congenital carditis with transformation into hypertrophic cardiomyopathy NK1B FC1.

And to this day, the convulsions continue. My son has severe attacks 2-3 times a month, we get into the intensive care unit, the attacks themselves do not stop, because of this, he is stabbed with strong psychotropic injections. In addition, every day they suffer from seizures in the form of fading and flinching, spasmodic pains. We drank antiepileptic drugs that are registered in Kazakhstan, there are only 6 medicines. Now we drink foreign medicines, but alas, they do not restrain the attacks. Local doctors are very strong!

I sent documents to several clinics abroad, to South Korea, Israel, Germany and Turkey, here I received a response from Liv Hospital, Istanbul. Doctors from Turkey are ready to help, and the cost is $6,925. In other countries it is very expensive.

I myself am a resident of Almaty, but I heard from my relatives about your fund that you and your team will always extend a helping hand to those in need! Yakub is my only son, my hope, my faith, my support. I beg you to help out of hopelessness! So, my little son needs it!

I believe that my son, with the right treatment and rehabilitation, will definitely see the world surrounding him, learn to sit, walk, and then run! To do this, we need to get rid of seizures.

I ask you and your team to help my child.

Mom Yakuba, Edigina Gulzhanat Kuanovna.

What money is needed for

Diagnostics and examination in Turkey, Istanbul.
Liv Hospital Bahcesehir at Istinye University

  • Initial appointment in a neurosurgeon
  • Taking anamnesis
  • Full inspection
  • Analysis of brought medical documentation
  • Comprehensive neurological examination
  • Comprehensive neurophysiological examination
  • Consultations of related specialists (genetics, ophthalmologist)
  • Analysis of received data
  • Formation of a medical report

Laboratory studies:

  • Extended general clinical blood test
  • Blood type, rhesus factor
  • General clinical urine analysis
  • Complete biochemical blood test (hepatic complex, renal complex, pancreatic, bile tract indices, proteinogram, cholesterol and its fractions)
  • Coagulogram (AChTV, PTI, PV, MNO)
  • Viral hepatitis markers
  • Inflammatory indicators (PSA, ESR)
  • Molecular genetic study

Sequencing is a test to determine genetic lesions (mutations) in DNA that cause hereditary diseases, hereditary predispositions, or features of the body.

Instrumental research:

  • Brain MRI
  • EEG - video monitoring
  • Radiography of skeletal bones.

And also:

  • Nursing and nursing services
  • Services of leading specialists of the clinic
  • Organization of diagnosis and treatment abroad
  • Drawing up a diagnostic and treatment program together with doctors of the clinic
  • Translation of medical documentation to specific requirements of clinics
  • Selection of a profile clinic for your disease from a closed database of validated UNICLINICSB clinics
  • Preparation of preliminary programme estimates
  • Interpreter-coordinator services (5 hours)
  • Airport-clinic transfer (help organize)
  • Preparation of an invitation from the visa-free border crossing clinic
  • Maintaining contact with the attending physician at the end of the medical program
  • Personal Service Manager from UNICLINICSB for the entire treatment period 24/7.

Amount when paid by card or bank payment (including bank commission) 6925.00 USD

Amount when paid at the clinic cash desk in cash 6575.00 USD

Accommodation for 7 days at the hotel 500-600 USD

Flight on average back and forth for 2 people 597-612 USD

Total: 8137 USD - 3 523 321 tenge

Note: Cost calculated at rate $1=433 tenge

The cost of flight and accommodation is indicated in the average range, the cost can vary both, less and more depending on various factors (flight date, dollar exchange rate, etc.)